Quince Contemporary Vocal Ensemble

Composition: Exploring Passions

During their residency at High Concept Laboratories, Quince will focus on two very important projects taking place this season. The first is the Midwest tour of Three Voices. This challenging and iconic work by Morton Feldman has rarely been performed live with three singers due to it’s nearly impossible demands on the human voice.  This piece is at times a struggle between activity and stasis, permanence and inevitability of change, form and formlessness, language and expression, yet what is universal is the hypnotic and mesmeric qualities of the three vocal lines, soloistic at first, but gradually transcending into one swirling, spiraling voice.

The second project will be a new collaboration between Quince, composer Curtis Rumrill, and librettist Webberly Ebberly Finnich, who will create The Passion of the Wilt-Mold Mothers, a multi-movement piece whereby a new mother of indeterminate species is suspected and judged of eating her own children. Loosely based on the biblically-based Passions, Quince will use their time at HCL to explore newly-written texts, sketches, and scenes to examine and portray the demands of hunger, violence, motherhood, and instincts to create a brand new oratorio to be premiered in 2015.

About Quince:

With the precision and flexibility of modern chamber musicians, Quince Contemporary Vocal Ensemble specializes in experimental repertoire that is changing the paradigm of contemporary vocal music.  Described as “a new force of vocal excellence and innovation” by The Brooklyn Rail, Quince continually pushes the boundaries of traditional vocal ensemble literature.

As dedicated advocates of new music, Quince regularly commissions new works, providing a wider exposure for the music of living composers, and supports the efforts of concert series and universities who strive to incorporate contemporary repertoire into their programming.  Quince has recently been seen on Vicky Chow’s Contagious Sounds Series, a.per.io.dic’s John Cage Festival in Chicago, on the Philip Glass: Music with Friends benefit concert at the Issue Project Room in Brooklyn, and at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts in Omaha, NE.

Comprised of vocalists Elizabeth Pearse,  Kayleigh Butcher,  Amanda DeBoer, and Carrie Henneman Shaw, Quince thrives on unique musical challenges and genre-bending contemporary repertoire.