Sadie Woods

Emerson Saul Granillo, 2016

Emerson Saul Granillo, 2016

A Study in Rhyme & Song


A Study in Rhyme & Song by artist Sadie Woods surveys the performance of identity as a form of social terrorism through the lens of children’s rhymes and songs. The performative sound installation offers a critical perspective on notions of progress, living in a post-racial nation, and identity-based politics.

Pulling from the Minstrel show tunes “Ten Little Nigger Boys” and “Ten Little Injuns”, A Study in Rhyme & Song confronts the history of propaganda in education and entertainment. The songs are reworked, abstracted, and played on Fisher Price Record Players while concurrent choreographed movement explores themes of the school-to-prison pipeline, gun culture in America and social justice hashtags, masculinity and queer culture, and comic relief.

Inspired by DJ Spooky’s Rebirth of a Nation and Spike Lee’s Bamboozled, A Study in Rhyme & Song presents a study of socialization through media propaganda over the last century and reveals how this eerily coincides with contemporary racial politics.

As a Sponsored Artist at High Concept Labs, Woods will workshop the choreographed movement, sound, and visual components in order to create a site-specific public performance and sound installation. Woods will also film a video version of the work.

Artist Bio

Sadie Woods by Alberto Treviño, 2010A Chicago native with a childhood steeped in performing and visual arts training, Sadie Woods honed her curating craft at the national award-winning Marwen arts foundation, curating their alumni gallery and forging partnerships with community organizations. During this time, she also was the resident curator for Gallery 718, presenting emerging Chicago artists while lending her deejay skills and music sensibility to create sound installations for each exhibition.

Sadie co-founded deejay collective White Label and has held deejay residencies throughout Chicago for over a decade with a focus in the arts and hospitality industry, and with tastemakers. She received her BFA in Music from Columbia College and MFA in Sound from the School of the Art Institute. Her practice includes sound art and design, deejaying, exhibition making, and collaborations within communities of difference. She’s been a resident artist at the Hyde Park Art Center Program, a participant for Ecole du Magasin’s “Harald Szeemann Independent Methodology” project through their International Curatorial Program, a resident curator at the Chicago Artists Coalition’s HATCH Projects, and a collaborator of the Independent Curators International’s Curatorial Intensive in Dakar, Senegal. She is currently a resident artist at ACRE and SAIC’s Nichols Tower Homan Square.