Shonna Pryor

Tablecloth Archive, courtesy of the artist

tablecloth archive

Conceptual Painter and Multimedia Artist

Shonna Pryor’s work addresses identity, politics, and sociocultural narrative through the lens of critical food themes and its peripheral objects and concepts. Pryor will be exploring reclaimed dinner tablecloths in relationship to its communicative nature–both physically and symbolically. She considers the tablecloth to be a storytelling archive that captures and absorbs history, memories, and experiences as much as it does latent foodstuffs. In addition to participating in family and community engaged dinners, her reclaimed tablecloths are ultimately transformed into conceptual paintings. This iteration points back to reflections on ‘kitchen table talk’, or stories and dialogue that could only conceive in contemplation of her own cultural history. During her tenure as an HCL Sponsored Artist, Pryor will be pushing the boundaries of these concepts and material processes as informed by recent focused study on Afrofuturism and smart-object making.

Artist Bio

Shonna Pryor currently teaches at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago where she earned an MFA from the Painting and Drawing department, and holds a BFA in Fiber from The College for Creative Studies, Detroit. She is a recipient of the Archibald Motley Jr. Award and has exhibited locally and nationally including Woman Made Gallery, Chicago; G R N’Namdi Gallery, Detroit; and Abrazo Interno Gallery, New York, among others.