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In their work as Significant/Other, vocalist/composer Bethany Younge and cellist/performance artist Lia Kohl seek to deconstruct and dismantle traditional performance roles, blurring the lines between composer and performer, and performer and audience. Fascinated by the role of individual perception in the experience of performance, Younge and Kohl play with spatial dynamics, sensory deprivation, and symbolism to create works that challenge and provoke their audience into heightened awareness.

Utilizing their respective traditional media (voice and cello) as well as sound worlds drawn from sound sculptures and processes, the pair explore their roles as performers and composers. They use found objects to experiment with sound, to break down the barrier between performance and daily life, as well as balancing their particular composer-performer relationship by establishing equal accessibility to both sound production and creation.

As part of their sponsorship at High Concept Labs, Younge and Kohl will develop a performance work and present a series of work-in-progress showings.

Artist Bios

Bethany Younge and Lia KohlTrained and active in the world of contemporary western art-music, both vocalist/composer, Bethany Younge, and cellist/performance artist, Lia Kohl seek to expand their traditional artistic roles by means of dismantling the binary and hyper-masculinized cycle of composer>score>performer into a process that is both more organic and specifically human. Kohl and Younge’s vision is an autobiographical one, where their artwork directly reflects the two’s relationship and where their self-referential performance represents their process. Both women are fascinated by the function and integration of the audience, the avowal of bodies, and the sound-worlds that emanate from pedestrian objects and their instruments.

Bethany Younge is a composer of both acoustic and electro-acoustic works with extensive collaborative experience with video artists, poets, and sculptors. Many of her acoustic works seek to mimic both speech and sound poetry with instruments while also dissecting words to reveal individual phonemes, illuminating a world embedded with complex semiotic relations between the spoken word and what is interpreted to be “music”. She collects speech recordings that have characteristics of sound poetry, often elaborated to create complex textures by the use of electronics.

Lia Kohl is a cellist and performance artist. Her work as a performer is deeply collaborative, and she is constantly seeking the meeting point between creative minds. She has worked extensively with dancers, poets and visual artists, and is inspired by new and different ways of thinking. Fascinated by the antiquated and illusory medium of performance, she endeavors to blur the lines between the pedestrian and the formal, and the obvious and the absurd in an attempt to bring her artistic practice into daily life—and vice-versa. She is a passionate interpreter of contemporary music and an avid improviser.


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