Six and Four Articulations

The Six and Four Articulations Tour

Here, Be There 2

from the artists:

We are six emerging artists who have joined forces as a performing arts collective dubbed 6 and 4 Articulations. We intend to share, spread and develop our work in a seven week tour that spans the United States, starting in the Northeast, moving west then back home through the southern region of the country, We are all Alfred University Art and Design graduates; accordingly we share a background in the visual arts, whether it be print, painting, video art or sculpture.

Our venue will address topics of gender, conversation, relationship, aesthetic and shape. Our movement, derived-form modern gymnastics, ballet and break dancing, can be classified as alternative and rides the line between performance art and contemporary and postmodern dancing. The performances employ the devices of costumes, props, and theater to create engaging works that sculpturally carves out the performance space in a series of solos, duets and troupe performances. We intend to present one work as an open-ended continuous piece that derives it’s inspiration from the tour itself and each area we visit. In this way we can interact with, glean information from and generate work related to the varied communities we encounter along the way.

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