Sponsored Projects Program

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J. Thomas Pallas

HCL’s Sponsored Project Program is designed to promote the growth of artists and their work through the donation of customizable, no-cost support services including;

    • Workspace
    • Use of production equipment
    • Design, marketing and administrative support
    • Documentation services
    • Audience development
    • Artistic consultation
    • Production assistance


Congo Square Theater

Projects are chosen twice a year and last for a period of up to five months. Each season is curated to represent emerging and established artists from a range of artistic disciplines. We sponsor three paths of development based on different intentions for the end-result of the project.

  • Incubation – projects that require services to support the long-term development of a body of work and are not geared toward a public showing.
  • Workshop – projects that are geared toward a workshop-showing of work after a period of incubation. The purpose of the showing is to gauge the development of the work and see how it changes in the presence of an invited audience.
  • Exhibition/Performance – HCL acts as a producing partner to present a formal exhibition or performance for the public (may or may not also include a period of incubation and/or workshop).


The House Theatre. photo by Omar Robles

Within the sponsored project program, HCL also offers several special-focus programs:

Each season, the Sponsored Scholar Program pairs an emerging or established scholar with artists in our sponsored project program. The selected scholar works to document and contextualize a full season of sponsored projects at HCL for a catalogue we publish and distribute [Link to Lab Report #1]. The scholar may use various HCL resources to create community events and programming, and is encouraged to host professional development workshops and other services to the artists and the community.


Katy Collins and Christy LeMaster in “The Cleo Project”Directed by Kate Raney.Photo by Omar Robles

The Professional Development Programoffers services to artists (and/or scholars) for development beyond the duration of the specific project. Services include strategic planning, design, and organizational consultation. Professional development workshops are available to all artists who have participated in the Sponsored Project Program.


Featured Artist Partnership Program. This new program offers a full-year project sponsorship for an artist or arts organization with strong vision, merit and exemplary potential for development and growth from the support of HCL’s services.  Artist are nominated and selected by the HCL Staff and Advisory Board and are asked to present an outline for evaluation that includes a

Teddy Rankin Parker

comprehensive plan for development of projects, specific use of services and ideas for community engagement.


HCL After Hours Program is available to artists who have participated in the sponsored project program, donates any available, unscheduled space use to the continued development of the artist work. Past Sponsored Artist are eligible to apply within one-year of the closing date of their project sponsorship.