Spotlight on Francisco Avina: A.R.T.

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Francisco Avina is in the process of raising the necessary funds needed to produce his current Sponsored Project, A.R.T., debuting at HCL in late summer 2014.

During his HCL residency and up to today, Francisco has journaled about what it’s been like living as an HIV-positive man. He is now writing a piece based on these experiences and creating a one man dance and theater performance called ART, which stands for antiretroviral therapy. In ART, Francisco will examine the layers and questions that arise from the paradigm shift in which a person living with HIV is no longer given a death sentence but instead lives a full life with a manageable one-pill-a-day regimen. How does a person LIVE with HIV?

Buy tickets to the show HERE. Learn more about the project on Francisco’s artist page and by watching this profile on the artist. Then, contribute to the production of this insightful work by HERE (by donating through the HCL site  your funds will go directly to the creation of this project).