Stephan Moore

Leslie Cuyjet by Amir Hall in 2015

Amir Hall, 2015

Performer Standing with Curtain

Dance / Installation

Performer Standing with Curtain is an installation composed of several video projections, each a life-sized representation of a different performer. The video portraits are projected onto vertical screens, with a lit pedestal in front of each screen. When a spectator steps onto the pedestal, a life-size image of the performer appears looking into the eyes of the spectator and responding to their conscious and unconscious movements. The exchange between spectator and performer creates a mirrored connection that is intimate, transformative, and meaningful.

Each performer in the work was given the same task: to keep their gaze centered on the camera for a formidable four-hour period. The distinguished performers (Anna Azrieli, Leslie Cuyjet, Peter Schmitz and David Thomson) come from diverse cultural and performance backgrounds, drawing from a wealth and range of performance experience. The effort of this task elicited distinct emotional, physical, performative, and formal responses. In this way, the recordings act as portraits of each performer.

The live spectator, lit and standing atop a pedestal, becomes the installation’s key second component, engaging in a duet with the projected image as they behold a unique iteration of the recorded performance. No experience of the piece is the same.

Performer Standing with Curtain, conceived by choreographer Yanira Castro, is created by four leading collaborating artists: Castro, installation artist Kathy Couch, interaction designer Stephan Moore, and filmmaker Julie Wyman.

Sponsorship at High Concept Labs allows space and time for the team to develop a gestural vocabulary for the piece. Participation in Works-In-Progress Showings and Artist Critiques will also further the evolution of the project, allowing for experiential trials of the work.

Artist Bio

Stephan Moore by Diana Pozzi, 2014Stephan Moore’s creative work is primarily concerned with the creation and perception of sonic environments. His practice encompasses field recording, physical programming, studio production, audio spatialization, loudspeaker construction and interactive software design, and has manifested as sound installations, sound designs and scores for dance and theater productions, solo and group performance works and improvisations, and recordings.

As a musician and sound engineer, Moore toured with the Merce Cunningham Dance company from 2004 to 2010. He was given a 2010 New York Dance and Performance “Bessie” Award for his score to choreographer Yanira Castro’s Dark Horse/Black Forest, and a 2013 nomination for his score to The People To Come. He is the President of the American Society for Acoustic Ecology, a member of the Wingspace Design Collective, and an active curator, most recently of the exhibition In the Garden of Sonic Delights at the Caramoor Center for Music and the Arts. Moore is a Lecturer in Northwestern University’s School of Communication in the Department of Radio/Television/Film.


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