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Nora Maité Nieves

Visual Art: Displacement Nieves art practice investigates the idea of attachment to places, things, countries and people.  Her interest in the space is motivated by the constant changes of homes places and the unsettling sense of place-less-ness. During the time at High Concept Laboratories, Nieves will experiment and investigate different methodologies to develop a new   …Continue Reading

Nicole LeGette

Dance: Of Marrow, Moonlight & Mirth Existing somewhere between performance art and dance- unclaimed by either- Of Marrow, Moonlight & Mirth is an immersive, sensory rich, destabilized dream-world investigation of the illusory nature of the fixed Self, presented in three vignettes. The ever shifting, fluidity of ‘I’ makes an unreliable protagonist in a disruptive narrative   …Continue Reading

Monica Westin

Sponsored Scholar Monica will be working with HCL’s artists in residence this fall to produce catalog essays for the HCL yearbook that reflect themes and threads suggested and explored by the various sponsored art projects. She is particularly interested in the different potential methods of collaborating with the artists on these essays, and she will   …Continue Reading