Vershawn Sanders-Ward

Experiments in Artivism


“Experiments in Artivism” develops distinct tools/technologies to excavate deep embodied memories and refine embodied research as the foundation of the artist’s dancemaking practice. These new tools will be put in practice to develop a solo work focused on the effects of female incarceration on families.

by Raymond Jerome


Vershawn Sanders-Ward is a movement artivist, “one who utilizes their artistic genius to ignite a social revolution by creatively using the body and movement as tools to gain personal and collective freedom.” Ward is motivated by the belief that building a more equitable society begins with the ability for every individual in that society to acquire the social capital needed to thrive and social capital is often achieved through cultural and shared intercultural experiences. Her creative practice in dancemaking, performance, teaching and cultural organizing, provides a space for these experiences to occur. She is the Director of Red Clay Dance.


Instagram/Twitter: @vershawnsw