Willy Chyr


SYSTEMS / PROCESS is Willy Chyr’s first solo exhibition. A culmination of ideas and themes explored over the last three years, the pieces differ in media but all emerge from a common creative process. The sculptures, images, and words breathe life into the spaces they inhabit, illustrating a poetic side to mathematics that is often hidden beneath dense layers of technical jargon.

Like a trip through a supernatural landscape, the work invites audiences into a highly cerebral space which mirrors, and yet differs from, the natural world. Each piece is the result of a different “generative algorithm” — a set of initial conditions and a series of rules carried out repeatedly over time. The final shape is not known at the start. But after many iterations, as the piece becomes increasingly complex, new properties and structures begin to emerge.

Chyr first gained public notice for his large-scale balloon installations, but his approach exists independently of any particular material. Whether in the digital or physical realm, the choice of medium directly impacts the design of the algorithm, and therefore the eventual structure. A balancing act of control and spontaneity, this process embraces accidents and unintended consequences, leading to creations that are at once structured and organic.


Willy ChyrAbout the Artist:

Willy Chyr is a Chicago-based artist working at the intersection of art and science. His work spans a variety of media, including web, sculpture, and installation. He creates platforms and systems that replicate processes found in nature. The algorithms he creates draw inspiration from both cultural artifacts and scientific knowledge. By allowing the process to be iterated multiple times, the emerging structures begin to evoke shapes found at nearly every scale in the natural world.

Chyr received a BA in Physics and Economics from the University of Chicago. He is a recipient of the Midwestern Voices and Visions Award and was an Artist-In-Residence at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts in 2010. Most recently, Chyr was selected as one of six artists to design a label in the first series of limited-edition Beck’s Art Bottles in the U.S.

visit: willychyr.com